2020 was a year that proved to be a challenge for us in many ways, but we still managed to find things that made us happy and make the best of what we have. Throughout the year, visitors and residents in the Mt. Pleasant area used the hashtag #MeetMtP to show us Mt. Pleasant through their eyes. Below are the top 9 photos posted to the Mt. Pleasant CVB Instagram in 2020.

Photo #9 of 2020

This year patio dining became a very popular idea in Mt. Pleasant. In order to serve customers safely and comfortably, many local businesses created patio dining or expanded their current patio dining operations. Photo number nine of 2020 shows one of the more popular patio dining spots this year, Ponder Coffee Co. in Downtown Mt. Pleasant.

Photo #8 of 2020

Fall in Mt. Pleasant is something both locals and visitors can agree is worth experiencing. This year, here at the Mt. Pleasant CVB we ran a contest called #FeelsLikeFall. We encouraged people in the Mt. Pleasant area to post a photo of what fall looks like to them in Mt. Pleasant. Photo number eight shows Central Michigan University senior, Kristen Pike, enjoying fall color downtown.

Photo #7 of 2020

To help local businesses succeed, the Mt. Pleasant City Commission authorized temporary outdoor business activity and closed down a portion of Broadway Street in Downtown Mt. Pleasant from early June to late November. Once closed, picnic tables were brought in and set up for the public to use while supporting local businesses. Photo number 7 shows a glimpse of what Broadway Street looked like during the temporary closure for outdoor seating.

Photo #6 of 2020

Photo number 6 is another #FeelsLikeFall photo submission from @desireaisbatman. During the warm days we were blessed with this fall season, she was able to get out and enjoy the color change of the leaves.

Photo #5 of 2020

One of the best places to experience fall color in Mt. Pleasant is from the Chippewa River. When warm, adventure seekers can get out and explore the Chippewa River to enjoy the beautiful views of fall color. This photo taken by @v_lms on Instagram captures the beauty of fall color while on the mighty Chipp’.

Photo #4 of 2020

One of Mt. Pleasant’s best qualities is the local park system. With more than 1,000 acres of parkland and 18 nature preserves, the Mt. Pleasant area is filled with opportunities to unplug. Photo number 4 shows Central Michigan University senior, Jaeley Huelskamp, playing in the leaves at Nelson Park in Downtown Mt. Pleasant.

Photo #3 of 2020

What is Mt. Pleasant without a picture on Central Michigan University’s campus? Naturally, photo number 3 is a classic winter shot in front of the CMU seal, one of the most popular places on campus. This photo was submitted by @sy_shutterbugs during the #mtpsnowday Instagram contest.

Photo #2 of 2020

Mt. Pleasant celebrated this holiday season a little differently. Instead of the normal Christmas Celebration, local businesses had the opportunity for their windows to be painted. This photo showed a couple of different businesses Downtown and their windows that were hand painted by local artists.

Photo #1 of 2020

The top photo for 2020 was taken at  Art Reach Mid Michigan during the first snowfall this year. Art Reach is a local art gallery that sells crafts and artwork from local artists in the community, located in the heart of Downtown Mt. Pleasant and hosts a variety of classes.

Meet Mt. Pleasant

Thank you for supporting local during 2020 and using the hashtag #MeetMtP. We hope you have an amazing holiday season and hope to see you in 2021! Remember to continue snapping a photo while in Mt. Pleasant and use #meetmtp to help us share the Mt. Pleasant experience. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest in the Mt. Pleasant area!