Mt. Pleasant residents, community leaders, & businesses. Meet Here.

What is Meet Here?

Meet Here is a community movement fueled by local pride. The Meet here project began when both the Mt. Pleasant Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and the City of Mt. Pleasant were working on a rebrand. Both entities had the foresight to combine efforts and invite other partners to become involved, and create a campaign encompassing the entire community.

Meet Here brings Mt. Pleasant residents, attractions, businesses, and community leaders alike together. Whether you live or linger here, join us to celebrate our cherished lifestyle. Here, cultures collaborate to keep our city on the upswing. We know Mt. Pleasant is the place in Michigan to raise our hands, raise our families, and raise our glasses.

Join the Meet Here Community Brand Project

The Meet here campaign is versatile and has endless possibilities for residents, businesses, and service organizations to make it their own while still incorporating the community brand.

Goals for this project:
• Identifying and owning our community’s sense of place
• Creating a consistent message the entire community is committed to telling
• Making an impact inside and outside our community
• Develop an enduring brand strategy; resulting in new growth opportunities

How to join:
• Make a commitment to be a cheerleader for our community
• Customize the campaign for your business by filling in the blank: ______. Meet here.
• Get noticed – Tag @meetheremtp on Facebook and use #meetmtp & #meethere on all social channels

Benefits of joining:
• Free marketing for your business
• A sense of community pride for community members and visitors

How will YOU use Meet here?

Share your #MeetMtP experience with us!


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