As 2016 comes to a close, we’re looking back at some of our favorite memories and some of the amazing photos you’ve shared with us! Below are our Top 10 Fan Photos, submitted to our Instagram page by our community, visitors, and people just like you. For the opportunity to be featured on our page in 2017 be sure to tag @MtPleasantCVB! Thank you to our fans and followers for an amazing year and for sharing your spectacular photos with us. Enjoy!

10. This photo of the 4th of July fireworks at Soaring Eagle Casino was shared by @ike_han_photography and ranks 10th with 71 likes: 


9. This fun photo was taken by @harshasrivatsav on Central Michigan University’s campus and was the winner of our #ILoveMtP summer photo contest with 77 likes:


8. Coming in at #8 with 78 likes is this evening disc golf shot, taken by @unchaineddiscapparel: 


7. This beautiful winter scene was captured by @sstachowiakphotography at Deerfield Nature Park and captured 79 likes:


6. When Christmas lights went up at The Brass Cafe, @julieawallace caught this festive shot, which also got 79 likes:


5. Coming in 5th with 80 likes is this beautiful sunrise over the Chippewa River, caught by @carolynpierpont:


4. This fantastic fan photo was captured by @ben_j_photo during one of CMU’s home football games and has scored 90 likes:


3. In 3rd with 96 likes is another photo by @ben_j_photo from our #FeelsLikeFall photo contest:


2. This snowy scene was taken by @lobissell in Downtown Mt. Pleasant after the first big snow fall and got 97 likes: 


1. Our top photo of the year goes to @courtneyyy57 and her furry friend with 104 likes from our #FeelsLikeFall photo contest:



Thank you again to all of our fans for sharing your photos with us, we can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring!