So long, summer! Fall made its official arrival this month, which means in a matter of weeks, the leaves will transform from lush shades of green to vibrant hues of red, orange and yellow. To take in the beauty of the autumn season, residents and visitors of the City of Mt. Pleasant have access to a number of public parks where some of the best elements of nature are preserved:


Canal Street Neighborhood Park
Chipp-A-Waters Park
Hannah’s Bark Park
Horizon Park
Indian Pines Park
Island Park
Mill Pond Park
Mission Creek Woodland Park
Nelson Park
Pickens Field
Potter Playground
Sunnyside Park
Yost Park


GKB Riverwalk Trail

Connecting five of these parks is the GKB Riverwalk Trail. Winding along nearly two miles of the Chippewa River, the paved trail is ideal for walking, biking, jogging or rollerblading. With many observation decks, canoe landings, and a number of pavilions and picnic tables to rest at while having lunch, the GKB Riverwalk Trail offers something for everyone.

A portion of the trail runs through Island Park, a 50-acre space located at the north end of Mt. Pleasant where park-goers can see the Michigan Vietnam Memorial, as well as enjoy the fun provided by the Skate and Splash parks.

At Chipp-A-Waters Park, the GKB Riverwalk Trail attaches to the Access Adventure Trail. This 10-foot-wide universally-accessible paved trail features interpretive signs to highlight the area’s history, animals, birds, plants and trees. Design features such as open-ended picnic tables and benches easily accessible by wheelchairs, and a bridge designed with glass panels for an all-access river view, ensure one of Mt. Pleasant’s most scenic natural resources can be experienced by all.   HISTORY


History of the GKB Riverwalk Trail

Created in 2009, the GKB Riverwalk Trail was named in memory of Gregory K. Baderschneider, parks director for the City of Mt. Pleasant from 1990 to 2008. Greg made developing parkland in the City of Mt. Pleasant and Isabella County his life’s work for nearly 30 years. Greg’s vision of connecting the community, the Chippewa River and public parks became the GKB Riverwalk Trail, which will forever remain a testament to his love for community parks and the great outdoors.

The City takes great pride in offering fantastic outdoor spaces to its citizens and visitors. To learn more about the City of Mt. Pleasant’s parks and trails, go to



Molli Ferency is the public relations coordinator for the City of Mt. Pleasant. She loves promoting the local community and all it has to offer its residents and visitors. Outside of work, Molli spends her time running after her two young sons.