Football season is upon us!!  Needless to say, nothing brings more people to town than Homecoming!  We, CMU Alum pile into our cars and drive from all over the state to get together and cheer on our team!  Homecoming is a chance to reminisce about the old times and create new memories.  For every person, Homecoming holds a special spot because of the activities you were involved in and those you choose to participant in as an alumni.


For me, my morning starts with a stop at the Alpha Chi Omega house for breakfast.  Observing the improvements/updates the house has undergone since I lived there.  Then we do some shuffling along main street and find ourselves the perfect spot for the homecoming parade, which is occurring at 11am this year.

After the parade, we pile into a vehicle and find ourselves outside the stadium, bumping into old friends and sharing memories, while updating each other on our current lives.  Needless to say, by kickoff time, we have found ourselves sitting in the bleachers, cheering our maroon and gold hearts out!!


Once the game is done, we once again pile into a vehicle and off to Freddy’s we go!  Normally my order goes something like this, I’ll have a burger, hold the bun and serve on top of lettuce and a side of fries…oh and don’t forget the pickle!!  I think Freddy’s has become our place because adults can enjoy themselves and the children can too!

Then as the day turns to night, I realize how old my friends and I are.  At one time, we were pre-partying and counting down the time to go to the Wayside/The Pub.  But, now I find myself enjoying the evening with friends as we play cards around the table and enjoy pizza…because you can not forget Papa’s number…773-1234!!  And then again, maybe you are the person who visits the Wayside and then walks across the street and demands to be served your favorite sub by Jimmy or John.  However you spend your homecoming, make sure you are doing what you enjoy, conversing with lost friends and making up for you missed time in the Pleasant Mountain.


Although homecoming is one short weekend, the reality is CMU/Mt. Pleasant is embedded within us for a lifetime.  When we get together with friends to celebrate milestones, we find ourselves sitting around the table laughing about what we did and places we visited while attending CMU.  I’m proud to say I’m a Chippewa girl, even though I live in Bronco territory!



Stacy graduated from Central Michigan University in 2005 with a BS in Elementary Education.  She currently resides in Kalamazoo, Mi with her husband, Aaron, whom is also a Chippewa.  Stacy lives a Paleo lifestyle and blogs about her journey and recipes she creates over on Paleo Gone Sassy (link to and also shares her journey on Instagram (link to Stacy’s recipes have been published on Paleo blogs and within Paleo Magazine.  If she’s not teaching or cooking in the kitchen, Stacy enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Her favorite hobby is wake-surfing in Northern Michigan.