Clear skies and sunny days are among us which means it’s time to get your discs, rally your friends, and hit the courses in Mt. Pleasant! As it becomes one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States, disc golf has made itself known in the Mt. Pleasant area. Similar to traditional golf, the objective is to earn the lowest score by making the fewest shots at their target. Start at the tee box, aim for the basket, and try to stay in fairway – that’s it!

Where to Meet

Deerfield Nature Park, located just off of M-20 in Mt. Pleasant, has two state-of-the-art disc golf courses. Both the Deerfield and Wildwood are Class A courses complete with 18 holes – offering a variety of obstacles and new challenges. Here you can expect elevation changes, elevated tees, and a water crossing!

For only a $6 daily pass, the public has access to not only both disc golf courses, but everything else the Deerfield Nature Park has to offer. On its 591 acres along the Chippewa River, you can find hiking trails, picnic areas, bridges, and more! Make an entire day out of your disc-golfing experience.

Check out drone footage of both the Deerfield and Wildwood Disc Golf Courses! Videos provided by Spinning Lens.

Located just southeast of Central Michigan University’s Main Campus, enjoy this free 18-hole course open to the public. Perfect for those new to the sport or people seeking a more frugal challenge! CMU has one of only four courses to exist on a college campus in Michigan and even has a disc golf class for students to enroll in. The CMU Disc Golf course includes newly-updated tee pads and signage as of August 2021.

Whether you are a seasoned player, a beginner to the sport, or just looking to have fun – take your shot and ace your skills at these Mt. Pleasant disc golf courses. Meandering paths. Meet here.


Photo provided by Central Michigan University

Fun for Everyone

Disc golf is an ageless sport recommended for friends and family of all ages and skill levels. It is low impact, while still providing a full-body workout. This cost-friendly sport is fairly easy to learn, and is perfect for those looking to spend more time outside as the weather warms up! Playing alone or with others is your choice, but we encourage you to grab a friend and play on one of these three beautiful courses in Mt. Pleasant.

Meet Mt. Pleasant

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