You may have walked or even driven by The Ginkgo Tree Inn Bed & Breakfast in Downtown Mt. Pleasant, but have you stopped in for a visit recently?  We have so much more to offer than ever before since taking over the Inn with my husband, Pete, in October!  Along with our 9 elegant rooms and the gourmet breakfast that follows, the Inn now boasts Adelaide’s Bistro.  Open to the public, the bistro serves a casual lunch during the week, 5 course dinners on Friday and Saturday nights as well as Take & Bake meals Monday – Saturday.  For guests staying overnight with us, we offer dinner every day, which can be enjoyed in the dining room or the convenience of your private room.


At the Inn itself, we host all types of events such as weddings, luncheons, formal teas, private events and more.  I have been planning a wide variety of events for the past 15 years and would love to help you plan the event of your dreams.  We also have some public events in the works, so watch our social media for more information about our Murder Mystery stay package, Ladies Night Inn, Kids Princess Tea, and more. You can be sure, if there is an event happening downtown we will be participating in some way.


In the coming months, you will also begin to see more of our food truck, The Cruisin’ Chef! Chef Pete has been outfitting this to not only serve quick and delicious street food locally, but also to cater events up to 400 people.  This has long been a dream of his so don’t be surprised if you pass him on the street and see a silly grin on his face.


Once the warmer weather returns we plan to offer outdoor seating for the Bistro on the back patio overlooking the Chippewa River and Island Park.  If you plan to walk the trails through the parks of Mt. Pleasant we offer a picnic lunch or dinner to-go and you can begin your adventure just outside our doors. We also plan to open the courtyard area in front of Chez Mimi so guests and visitors can bring their pets and meals outside. Our only request is that your pet be available for nuzzling as we have some animal lovers on site!


At the Ginkgo Tree Inn, we believe we bring a sense of family and community to the classic elegance the Inn is known for.  Our family is involved in nearly every aspect of the operations. My husband, Chef Pete Lieber, creates the menus and food, our daughter Hannah runs the front desk and is a rock star waitress, and my sister Wynette keeps the buildings in tip top shape.  Behind the scenes we have our sons, Tim and Bailey, who do everything from dishes to marketing and social media. 


You will also see some faces who are not technically related, like “Aunt” Libby who makes all of our desserts from scratch and keeps us in constant supply of cookies. Michel who waitresses also decorates and is a spot-on replica of The Golden Lady that can be found on our front lawn. Our hard working friends Logan and Gibson do so much more than a job description could ever list, but at The Ginkgo Tree Inn B&B and Adelaide’s Bistro we are still one big family and we are very thankful for each of them.


So, stop in when you get a chance and enjoy a cup of Chef Pete’s home-made soup or Aunt Libby’s Buttermilk Pie, before touring the Inn.  Invite your family or friends coming to town to stay with us while visiting you, or treat yourself and that special someone to a night away from home in one of our elegant rooms.  Who knows, if conditions are right and she’s not in her fairy garden, you may even catch a glimpse of the Bistro’s namesake, Miss Adelaide!






Alanna Lieber is a Mt. Pleasant native with over 15 years of experience planning meetings, events, and weddings. She and her husband, Chef Pete, are the new owners of The Ginkgo Tree Inn B&B, Adelaide’s Bistro, and Cruisin’ Chef Catering.