Refresh, Re-balance and Revitalize

Feeling good has always been a top priority for my family. We believe life is too short to not feel your best. This mindset led us to explore many different avenues to achieving peak health—both physically and mentally.

Traveling from city to city and using each of the services below was a normal routine for my family. After realizing how each service, along with the juices and smoothies, made our bodies, we knew we needed to put it under one roof and bring this amazing healing experience to the community.

Juice Bar
After getting our first juicer and really committing ourselves to drinking juices and smoothies, we noticed an immediate impact on our energy levels. We noticed a sustainable energy, different from anything we had experienced before. We do not add any preservatives, purees, or refined sugar to our juices or smoothies. Natural, healthy, and tasty ingredients make our drinks stand out from the rest.

Float On
Knowing how stressful everyday life can be, for a lot of people, we knew ‘floating’ was something we could give our community to help deal with the stresses everyday life can bring. The float pods were our next big revelation. We could not believe how relaxed we were after our very first session.

The float pod contains over 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, creating a zero gravity environment.  From there, the experience can be customized to your liking—You can listen to music, choose between the many different color options, or choose a sensory deprivation environment. No light. No sound. No gravity. No sense of feel, as the water is skin temperature. My favorite way to float is shutting out all stimuli, embracing the pure tranquility.

Fun fact: One thousand pounds of Epsom salt creates an unparalleled therapeutic experience. The incredible healing powers of Epsom salt have been noted throughout history. Some of our favorite benefits are relieving pain and reducing inflammation, detoxing the body, and increasing magnesium levels. Studies have shown that floating helps increase our learning capabilities. ‘Floating’ is a whole new level of relaxation for the body and mind.  

Sweat it Out
Michigan’s seasonal weather shifts can be brutal. The infrared sauna is the perfect relief from it all. Infrared is the good rays from the sun, without the harmful UV rays. The benefits can be noticed almost immediately, as infrared recharges the mitochondria, giving you energy on a cellular level. Detoxing also allows you to clear out all of the toxins you’ve accumulated so your body can function much more efficiently, and you feel as though you are operating on a higher level. The benefits can be felt up to a couple days after use!

Fun fact: Many professional athletes like Tom Brady use infrared to help repair after workouts, as you can repair up to four times faster. Not to mention getting the benefits of a 2-3 mile run for your heart and burning a quick 300 calories in a 30 minute session (we give you 40 minutes).  This gives you that great post-workout feeling, from just sitting down! The eucalyptus infused cold towel is the perfect enhancement for an already amazing sauna experience.

Work it Out
Let’s face it, in today’s busy world we need time to relax! And everyone loves a good massage. The infrared massage bed uses infrared technology to warm your muscles and joints, while jade stones push and pull out any aches and toxins that may be holding you back. A recent study showed that 30 minutes on our infrared massage bed equates to the same depth of tissue massage as a masseuse could get in a whole hour! A touch-less, relaxing massage is the perfect way to work out any soreness or stress that may be hindering you.

Experiencing how significantly juices and smoothies, floating, the infrared saunas, and infrared massages improved our lives we knew it was something we needed to share with our community! Spreading positivity and improving the quality of living for others is something we are very passionate about. Stop in and feel the Pure Vitality difference as soon as you walk through the doors.

Live Life Well,

Mitch Perry & the Pure Vitality Family

Pure Vitality Juice Bar & Spa is a family owned and operated company, dedicated to serving the community and promoting the greater good. 

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