If you are looking for a little adventure in your life Snow Snake offers the perfect solution. A Zip Line tour; it can be fun for a group of friends, a work retreat, team building or the whole family. If you’ve never done a zip line, we are here to help break it down.

Darcie Schafer, a Mount Pleasant resident, takes off on the first zip line.  Kim, our trained expert secures her in and she’s off…
“It’s so nice knowing we have amazing recreational opportunities like zip lining right here in out own back yard.  What a completely thrilling experience,” said Schafer

The Zip Line tour is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and on weekends during the summer, they even offer the zip line during spring, fall and winter months so you can zip anytime of the year.
The zip line has 10 lines, which takes about an hour and a half depending on the size of your group, but it all begins with one step.
The tour can be enjoyed by almost everyone; Sheila Ruggirello pictured above is part of a retired snow bird group she likes to call the “dinner gang” they took advantage of this summer recreational activity proving age is only a number when your on the zip line.  “At first I thought I would be scared, but I wasn’t at all, it was a hoot!” 
Pictured above: The snow bird group “the dinner gang.”

If you have never done a zip line, Snow Snake has a few recommendations for you. When figuring out what to bring and wear, Snow Snake recommends you dress as if you were to be going on a light hike.

Macey, who’s flying through the air has been on the zip line tour about four times and said its always fun.
There is some mild hiking involved to get to a few hills, as well as some stairs to climb for higher platforms. Be sure to wear closed toes shoes, to ensure they stay on during your flying on the zip line.
(Pictured below: Left to right Tina, Macey, Makala, Tim, Darcie, Lori, Quiten, and Kim)
Other than dressing appropriate for the line, they said you don’t need to bring anything. Although many do bring cameras to document this exciting experience, they suggest you have a secure strap to hold onto it.

The Zip Line goes over a natural valley, seen above.  The tour consists of ten unique and exciting zip lines.  You’ll travel on more than 4,000 feet of cable, reaching speeds over 25MPH.  It will feel like you’re flying from tree to tree as you zip over wildlife, valleys, and more.

If this kind of experience still makes you a bit hesitant, don’t fret, they are equipped with the best equipment and proper team to make your tour run as smoothly as possible.  Watch as Lori Irwin makes a smooth landing followed by Quinten, who’s on the tour for the fourth time making it look easy.

Irwin, a professor at CMU said “it’s a fun escape to do something exhilerating and different right here in central Michigan.”

So whether you’re young or young at heart the Snow Snake Zip Line is a great way to get up and get active.  Pictured above: Sheila Ruggirello & Deane Bourgeois prepare before the trip across the zip lines.

Snow Snake Zip Line Tours meets and exceed all safety standards, and before starting the tour, you are required to complete a Ground School which is a sixty-foot “mini” zip line that prepares you for all the steps in having a successful trip. The only weight restriction is you must weigh more than 60 lbs and less than 275 lbs.
Watch as Quinten, above, shoots down zip line #9, the longest and fastest zip line at Snow Snake.

Contact Snow Snake Ski & Golf at 989 539 6583 or visit them online at snowsnake.net.  You can even follow them on Facebook.

If you still aren’t convinced check out these videos and pictures of all different types of groups and people experiencing th
is thrilling event!

Special Thanks to Tina & Kim our tour guides and John Cleary for setting up a fantastic day flying through the air.