Karma Kat Cafe

The Karma Kat Cafe is a concept that will change the way homeless cats find their furever homes. Owners wanted to create a community setting, where humans and cats can interact in a serene atmosphere, and increase the odds of successful adoptions. By partnering with local shelters and rescues, a valuable meeting space is created, and an enriching, safe space for homeless cats is provided.

All resident cats are available for adoption. All adoption fees go directly back to original rescue that each cat or kitten comes from.

$10/hour reservation fee

What to expect:
1. Safe, peaceful, zen environment to interact with adoptable cats.
2. Special events: Cat yoga, art with cats, student study nights.
3. Simple conduct guidelines to ensure the safety of cats and visitors.
4. Carefully selected pet merchandise and local cat art.
5. The great experience of “Being in the moment,” while interacting with adoptable cats.