What is Destination Development

The mission of the Mt. Pleasant Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (MPACVB) is to market Isabella County experiences to visitors and to promote experiences to targeted overnight visitors in order to support economic growth. Our goal is to fully support the branded development of the area’s attractions/events, amenities, hospitality services and related tourism infrastructure. In order to do this the MPACVB continues to co-implement Destination Development with strategy focus on sports tourism and general community support, including downtown revitalization.

The goal of Destination Development is to attract a higher number of visitors by targeted market segment and leverage the unique characteristics of the Mt. Pleasant community by building upon its assets and creating unique experiences that benefit both the visitor and the community.

Since 2019, through our Destination Development funds, we’ve invested back into our community more than $260,000 for sports and general tourism improvements!

Why Invest in Destination Development?

Prioritizing investing in your local community is a great way to enhance the county brand experience for all. By investing in Destination Development, it encourages people to visit the Mt. Pleasant area and return in the future.

Destination Development Application

How to Apply

Organizations and non-profits interested in applying for a Destination Development grant must first fill out a Project Application and Evaluation Form, which is then reviewed by a committee based on a scorecard system. To apply for project funding, please complete an application using the link below.

Application Form

Eligibility: Applicants must demonstrate how the tourism project will achieve the tourism goals of the MPACVB in driving overnight visitation to the Mt. Pleasant area. A tourism development project is defined as any travel-related capital investment (built, nature or infrastructure) that has the capability to generate visitors, related new spending and/or higher community quality of place. Eligible applicants are not-for-profit associations/groups, and governmental entities at the municipal, district, township, county or regional level.

How Are Projects Selected?

Applications are reviewed by a Destination Development committee and evaluated based on how they meet criteria including:

  • Applicant organization viability
  • Tourism project investment and existing/requested funding sources
  • Tourism project qualitative/quantitative benefits
  • Tourism project category
Investments Made


  • Lights on Pickens Field (2019)
  • Irrigation for City Softball Fields (2019)
  • Volleyball Stands, Rims and Netting for Morey Courts (2019)
  • Man vs. Mountain Cargo Netting and Ropes (2019)
  • Volleyball Systems for Morey Courts (2021, 2022)
  • Backboard Pads for Morey Courts (2022)
  • Baseball and Softball Secondary Field Fencing and Netting at CMU (2022)
  • Court Resurfacing at Morey Courts (2023)
  • Posts and Netting for City Softball Fields (2023)
  • Field Maintenance for the City’s Sunnyside Park (2023)


  • Bicycle Repair Stations in City Parks (2019)
  • Erosion at Deerfield Park Improvements (2019)
  • Wayfinding Signage at Deerfield Park (2021)
  • Mt. Pleasant Airport Pilot Courtesy Car Wrap (2022)
  • Skate Park Mural in the City’s Island Park (2022)
  • Paint the Pavement and Artist Battle – Art Reach of Mid Michigan (2023)
  • Mt. Pleasant Airport Welcome Signage and Courtesy Car Maintenance (2023)
  • Pere Marquette Rail-Trail Beautification with Isabella County Parks (2023)
  • Town Center Redevelopment (2023, 2024)