When lunch time hits and you start to crave a delicious meal in the Mt. Pleasant area, where should you go? We asked and our followers answered! Whether you’re looking for a unique sandwich, homemade comfort food, or a gourmet meal, we’ve got it all. Here are the Top 5 Spots to Grab Lunch as decided by local residents and visitors:

Max & Emily’s Eatery: Located in the heart of Downtown Mt. Pleasant, many have come to love Max and Emily’s Eatery for it’s pick by numbers menu and creative sandwiches you won’t find anywhere else. With nearly 100 options to choose from, whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Max and Emily’s has something unique for everyone. Ready to check it out for yourself? Click here for more information.

The Brass Cafe: Also located in Downtown Mt. Pleasant is The Brass Cafe, which has been a local favorite for quite some time now. The restaurant is family owned, locally focused, and passionate about providing food that is exciting and different. This spot is known for taking seasonal lunch and dinner favorites and adding a gourmet twist with locally grown ingredients that makes this a can’t miss when visiting. Click here for more information.


Stan’s: Famous for their homemade bread and breakfast menu, Stan’s is tucked away in Downtown Mt. Pleasant. A small and cozy place for you to enjoy breakfast or lunch. Stan’s is also known for their delicious turkey sandwich and chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles, as many of our Facebook followers pointed out! If you’re looking for a classic diner with homemade food and reasonable prices, give Stan’s a try. Click here for more information.


The Green Spot Pub: The Green Spot Pub is notably known for their Irish Décor and theme throughout the restaurant. They offer a wide range of different drink and beer specials as well as an extensive “pub” menu. One of their most popular menu items being their chicken or steak hoagies and be sure to check out their different specials when you stop in as well. If you’re looking for a good drink and tasty meal to pair, The Green Spot Pub is the place to be. Click here for more information.


We got a fantastic response from our friends on Facebook and want to thank everyone who shared their input with us! Below is a list of some of the other awesome lunch spots that didn’t quite make our Top 5. We highly recommend trying as many of these yummy spots as you can next time you’re in town!

Honorable Mentions:
Los Palominos
Mountain Town Station
Camille’s Prime
The Barn Door
Marty’s Bar
China Garden
Shin’s Korean Restaurant
The Downtown Soda Shoppe
Freddie’s Tavern
Mitchell’s Gourmet Deli & Market
Robaire’s Bakery
Jon’s Drive In
Panera Bread