It’s a wrap 2017! Well, almost… To celebrate another great year in Mt. Pleasant we are giving you the top five blogs of 2017! Sit back, relax and take a look back at the past year. 

5. Top 8 Local Spots for Craft Beer and Cocktails

From delicious craft beer to hand-crafted cocktails, Mt. Pleasant local bars and microbreweries have perfected the taste of excellence. The CVB asked its social media community where the best local Mt. Pleasant spots are for drinks and they answered! 

4. Blog Take Over presents: Mountain Town Station: Community Driven, Locally Owned, Enjoyed By All! By Joe Herman

Mountain Town Station manager, Joe Herman, gives readers a look into how it all started and where the business is now after 20 years. 

3. Top 8 #FeelsLikeFall Instagram Contest Posts

Each year, the CVB hosts the annual #FeelsLikeFall Instagram Contest where our followers showcase what fall feels like to them in Mt. Pleasant. From fall foliage and football, to pumpkin picking and pumpkin-spice lattes, our followers LOVE showing off their fun, fall activities in the community. 

2. Blog Take Over presents: The New Ginkgo Tree Inn and Adelaide’s Bistro by Alanna Lieber

Ginkgo Tree Inn and Adelaide’s Bistro owner, Alanna Lieber, wrote this great piece on the business and plans for the future. Alanna and her family give a sense of community to the family-owned facilities. 

1. 100 Days Series

Our 100 Days campaigns continues to be a hit for our followers and readers. The 100 Days of Fall, Spring, Summer and 50 Days of Winter blogs feature things to do, every day for a whole season! 

Want to see more blogs in 2018? Have an idea for a topic or suggestion for a guest blogger? Comment below and let us know what you want to see in 2018! We’ll see you next year!