Welcome to the new-look Mt. Pleasant.

The city of Mt. Pleasant and the Mt. Pleasant Area Convention & Visitors Bureau have partnered together on a re-branding of the city, pulling in Pittsburgh-based firm Darwin to help in their efforts. What resulted is a two-word slogan that’s meant to reflect the city’s position as a cultural crossroads.

Meet Here.

The idea is that Meet Here comes at the end of an open-ended sentence. Moms and pops meet here. Money-makers meet here. Musicians meet here.

If a community group has a weekly meeting at a coffee shop, they can use their name in front of the Meet Here slogan, says Chris Rowley, Executive Director at the Visitors Bureau.

“It’s important because it brings the community together. We’ve gone without a campaign for a while,” she says.

“It’s something that the community can gather around and take pride in together.”

The Meet Here campaign came about as both the city and Visitors Bureau were looking to re-brand in their marketing efforts. Following the requisite bid process, Darwin of Pittsburgh was selected. After six months of research and community outreach, Meet Here was unveiled at a Nov. 13 party at Art Reach downtown.

Community outreach was an important component in building the brand, Rowley says. While their previous brand of Mount Pleasant Wow! was decided by a board of directors in the early- to mid-90s, Meet Here was decided after several months of extensive research and outreach.

Organizers gathered more than 500 survey results from residents and visitors alike. Focus groups featuring business owners and other community stakeholders were held. A team of Darwin representatives got a three-day immersion tour of the city. A town hall was held.

Meet Here will be unveiled in increments over the next several months by both the city and Visitors Bureau.

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