The Verve Pipe, an alternative rock band, will be making their way to the streets of Mount Pleasant in just 2 weeks. This band, located just down the road in East Lansing, will be performing on July 18th at 7pm in Downtown Mount Pleasant.
The Verve Pipe was founded in 1992 by brothers Brian and Brad Vander Ark, Brian Stout and Donny Brown. Brian Vander Ark has been providing lead vocals and playing guitar in the band since its creation in 1992 along with Donny Brown who provides vocals and plays the drums. His brother, Brad, played bass in the band until 2002. The band currently consists of Donny and Brian as well as; Craig Griffith playing harmonica, Lou Musa on guitar, Randy Sly on keyboard and Andy Reed on bass.
The band has released 5 albums in their career, starting with Pop Smear in December of 1993. That was followed with Villians in 1996, Verve Pipe in 1999 and Underneath in 2001. In 2009 the band was approached to record a song for a compilation album called Calling All Kids. This led the band to record a family friendly album, appropriately named A Family Album, released in 2009.
After releasing A Family Album the Verve Pipe began touring in small venues along the East Coast and throughout Michigan, including Mount Pleasant. the Verve Pipe will bring its rockin’ family music to our streets on July 18th, starting at 7pm. So grab a chair, grab a friend and get ready to rock n’ roll.