In 1933, in the small town of Mt. Pleasant the bar business was booming. Prohibition had just ended, and in its wake a myriad of pubs and bars were popping up all over town. Some of those establishments continue to be prominent in the community today; but given their storied histories, there’s more to these local staples than meets the eye.

The Green Spot – 808 N. Mission Street

Like many of Mt. Pleasant’s bars, The Green Spot Pub was founded in 1933 after the end of prohibition by Tommy Phillips. Tommy’s son, Freddie, currently owns Freddie’s Tavern in Mt. Pleasant! Today, The Green Spot Pub is owned by Jim Holton, owner of Mountain Town Station, Summit Smokehouse, & Camille’s Prime in Mt. Pleasant. The Green Spot Pub is best known for its Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations entail several hundred pounds of corned beef and green beer on tap!

The Bird Bar & Grill – 223 S. Main Street

Over 90 yeras ago, John Breidenstein founded The Bird Bar and Grill, though it was originally named The Rathskeller. Breidenstein opened the Rathskeller in the basement of the Bennet Hotel in downtown Mt. Pleasant; but, a few years later he relocated the bar to South Main Street, where it still stands today. This change in location prompted Breidenstein to rename the bar The Flamingo Cocktail Lounge. When college students began to frequent the bar, they nicknamed it The Bird — a name it has been known by ever since.

Rubble’s Bar – 112 W. Michigan Street

For over 40 years, Rubble’s Bar has been the spot in downtown Mt. Pleasant for live music. Tune into local and up and coming acts at the venue Friday and Saturday evenings. Be sure to stop in on Thursday nights when they have karaoke!

Marty’s Bar – 123 S. Main Street

Strolling down the streets of downtown Mt. Pleasant, the deep maroon entrance to Marty’s Bar is easy to spot. However, few would guess that the structure behind that maroon façade is actually a little over 130 years old, making it one of the oldest buildings in downtown.

Freddie’s Tavern – 705 S. Adams Street

Spring break in Mt. Pleasant tends to be a less-than-sunny affair, filled with chilly overcast weather rather than warm beaches. Despite this, in the late 1980s spring break in Mt. Pleasant was full of rock music blasting through the air as local residents danced in the sand. Today Freddie’s Tavern is recognized for its exceptional food — which has earned the establishment 8 People’s Choice Awards for “Best Burger in Town.”

Meet Mt. Pleasant

These five bars, each with its unique history and character, have become integral parts of Mt. Pleasant’s identity. They are not just places to grab a drink but hubs of community life, where stories are shared, friendships are forged, and memories are made. Next time you find yourself in Mt. Pleasant, be sure to raise a glass to these local legends and experience their stories.