Love Locks is a growing historical tradition where two lovers will write or engrave their names on a padlock, often on their wedding day, and affix it to a tree, fence or bridge to preserve their love. The legend of these Love Locks varies throughout the world, but they all contain one common element; if two lovers make one and lock it somewhere, they’re love will last forever. 
This tradition is becoming more and more common, seen internationally in Europe and its surrounding countries, and has made its way to Mount Pleasant, finding a home at the Gingko Tree Inn. The Gingko Tree, a locally owned bed and breakfast located on Main Street, hosts six to seven weddings each summer.  The Gingko began doing weddings in the spring of 2012 and plans to continue.

The first couple to bring their engraved padlock was Brian and Jill Eldred. They were married on June 22nd of 2012 and brought the padlock when they stayed at the Gingko Tree Inn to cele
brate their one year anniversary. Another lock, belonging to ‘Kim & Jinny’ was  placed when the couple celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary at the Gingko.
 The Inn’s fence currently holds 6 padlocks, and the  owner, Jean Prout, hopes to add many more in the future. “People can bring an engraved lock for any special occasion, they’re wedding, anniversary or maybe even for the birth of a child,” Prout said.
The Gingko Tree Inn is a locally run Bed and Breakfast in Downtown. The house, which was originally constructed in 1903, was purchased by Prout 6 years ago. After undergoing a complete renovation, the Ginkgo opened its doors. The Inn has 5 rooms, each with its own unique theme and antique furniture, as well as several banquet rooms. Tuesday through Saturday the Bistro is open to the public for lunch and dinner.
Whatever the special occasion, guests are invited to celebrate in this fully renovated, Victorian style Bed and Breakfast, and become a small piece of Mount Pleasant history by placing their lock of love.

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