Restaurants across the country are starting to get back to their roots, literally. The newest trend in the culinary world is farm fresh foods. Customers want fresh fruits and vegetables in their meals, and the fresher, the better. Many restaurants in Mount Pleasant already serve dishes featuring local produce, but one is taking the farm fresh request to the next level.
 Camille’s on the River, located in downtown Mount Pleasant has started a new project that will provide their customers with the freshest food options possible. Camille’s Garden is a new addition that the restaurant will utilize for the freshest possible ingredients to prepare their dishes. Since its opening Camille’s has been locally focused, buying their meats, vegetables and other key ingredients from local producers.
            The garden is located directly outside of Camille’s on the River and can even be seen from the restaurant’s windows. The garden features a variety of vegetables including squash, zucchini and several types of herbs. The garden is also host to a large quantity of tomatoes. “Tomatoes are very easy to maintain, and they’re a key price point for us, so I figured they’d be perfect to grow here,” said Chef Brent of Camille’s.
            While guests may have to wait for some of the gardens delectable pickings to come into season, such as the freshly grown corn and tomatoes, some of the plants are already producing delicious ingredients. Chef Brent is already incorporating the tomatoes, squash, zucchini and herbs into some of Camille’s signature dishes, and is also working to create new dishes that will utilize the garden.
When the garden was in its early stages Chef Brent collaborated with the garden’s main tender about what would grow well and what he hoped to see in the garden. One of the unique features of the garden is two hives of honey bees. Chef Brent explained, “Not only can we utilize the honey the bees produce, but they’re also great for pollinating the plants.”
To celebrate this new addition Mountain Town Station and Camille’s will be joint hosting two Garden Dinners on August 16thand September 6th. These events will allow guests to enjoy a fresh and delicious plated dinner outside in the garden. The event is $50 and features both red and white table wines.
            So if the idea of farm fresh foods make your taste buds water, look now further than Camille’s on the River. Enjoy a delicious meal prepared with an assortment of locally grown ingredients in the restaurant, as well as a view of the garden where your food was picked. It doesn’t get much fresher than that.  
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