With school starting both in-person and online this year it has created a new challenge to make sure students at home are still getting the outside interaction they need. Luckily, the Mt. Pleasant area is full of educational activities for families to participate in. Check out this list of educational opportunities in the Mt. Pleasant area that are both safe and outdoors and are a must this school year!

Chippewa Watershed Conservancy 
Located: Mt. Pleasant and Mecosta.

The Chippewa Watershed Conservancy’s (CWC) main goal is to protect and restore the land and water in the Central Michigan area. Throughout the year the CWC hosts events that allow volunteers to explore local wildlife while helping restore the environment. 

Different events hosted by the CWC include trail repairs, specialty hikes, invasive species removals and more! For more information on upcoming events visit the list of events on their website or Facebook.


Shepherd Sugar Bush 
Located: 415 N. 3rd Street, Shepherd 

The village of Shepherd is located 5 miles south of Mt. Pleasant and is known for its famous Maple Syrup Festival. Each year the maple trees in Shepherd are tapped and collected for sap. This sap is then used to make delicious maple syrup and treats at the Sugar Bush. During the year visitors and community members have the option to visit the Sugar Bush for a tour and presentation of how the maple syrup is made. 

For more information and to schedule a time for a tour contact Chris Cross at (989) 330-2840.


Chippewa Nature Center
Located: 400 S. Badour Rd., Midland

Just east of Mt. Pleasant, the Chippewa Nature Center (CNC) offers the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and learn in a fun way. With a total of 19 miles of trails and events happening throughout the week, the CNC is ready to teach the community about nature in the area. 

Different events hosted at the CNC include story hours, nature adventures, strolls and more! Check out a brief description of each event below & register for events on the CNC website. 

Story Hour: Come out and learn about nature! Story hour will include a story, crafts, and other age-appropriate activities. The program takes place outdoors, so make sure to dress appropriately! Pre-registration required.   

Nature Adventures: These adventures all focus on a specific topic such as ponds, wetlands, meadows etc. and the animals that live in that ecosystem. Participants will spend the hour and a half exploring the ecosystem deeper. For more information and registration visit the CNC website.


Michigan first Vietnam Memorial 
Located: Island Park, 331 N. Main Street, Mt. Pleasant 

Michigan’s first Vietnam Memorial is located at Island Park in Mt. Pleasant. The community has the opportunity to visit the memorial and learn more about the brave veterans that served our country during the Vietnam war. At the memorial, you can find two statues and 16 plaques that display 2,705 of Michigan casualties, MIA’s and POW’s. 

Meet Mt. Pleasant

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** Featured Image from Chippewa Nature Center