It’s finally warm out and the smell of fresh cut grass and the sound of clanking chains fill the air; I am standing on the edge of Central Michigan University’s disc golf course, the location of one of my new favorite summer activities in Mount Pleasant. I graduated from Central Michigan University this past May and have decided to make it my home for a little while longer. I currently work and live downtown, but one of my new favorite places to spend free time on the weekends is the disc golf courses with my boyfriend.





Mount Pleasant offers two different courses; one at Central Michigan University and one at Deerfield Nature Park. Central Michigan University’s course is located just behind the Comfort Inn and Fairfield Inn, and the Deerfield Park course is located on Remus road.






My boyfriend, Nick, just recently taught me how to play and it has quickly become our most frequent activity on the weekends. The courses are great for people in all walks of life. They’re easy to follow, fun to walk, and on a hot summer day it’s a great way to get some exercise and have some fun outside.



All you need to play is a frisbee and comfortable shoes! Like normal golf, the goal is to get the disc down the green to the hole, or in this case a basket, in as few throws as possible. Each course has 18 holes with given pars, just like normal golf. If you choose to, you can even buy different kinds and styles of discs based on their weight and projected distance, so like normal golf you can choose from drivers, mid-range discs, and putters.IMG_0853

For now, I just play with a borrowed driver and putter, but I’m planning on getting more involved in disc golf and playing as often as I can. I would absolutely recommend trying it out to anyone looking for a fun, new activity for the summer. The disc golf courses are just one more exciting activity Mount Pleasant has to offer!




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Megan Molloy is a Central Michigan University alumni. She earned a bachelors degree in English, with a minor in media design, production, and technology. Originally from the Metro Detroit area, Megan currently lives in Mt. Pleasant working as an intern with the Mount Pleasant area Convention and Visitors Bureau. In her free time, she loves to draw, play volleyball, and spend as much time as she can outside with friends and family.