Good food, good friends, and good fun are three staples of great summer memories! If you’re looking for a fun summer day-trip with a group of friends, hop in the car and get ready to eat your way across Isabella County at these delicious stops. A word to the wise, though: wear stretchy pants on this trip!

Stop 1: Breakfast

Roz’s Diner

If you’re looking to start the day off right with the most important meal, you’re going to want to stop at Roz’s Diner. Despite opening just a little over three years ago, owners Chris and Megan Bair are already working on expanding. Chris Bair says on weekends there is a line out the door for their breakfasts!

Once you get inside, though, you may forget you’re in the small town of Rosebush.

“It’s a quaint, small town; but, it’s a little bit of an urban feel inside,” Chris Bair says, describing the atmosphere inside Roz’s.

While the atmosphere is great, what really makes Roz’s special is the fantastic food, which is made-from-scratch and locally sourced as much as possible!

Roz’s Diner: 3995 E Rosebush Rd, Rosebush, MI

Stop 2: Mid-Morning Dessert

Robaire’s Bakery

Life is too short to wait until the end of the day to have dessert. So, for your mid-morning dessert, stop at Robaire’s Bakery. From their donuts to their cookies to their breads, it’s all made fresh and in-house; so, you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose.

“Our cinnamon raisin rolls are big sellers,” says Brooke Malley, Front Staff Manager at the bakery.

You can either get your tasty treat to go or enjoy it inside the bakery.

Robaire’s Bakery: 1903 S Mission St, Mt Pleasant, MI

Stop 3: Lunch

Freddie’s Tavern

Get the best burger in town for lunch at Freddie’s Tavern, which has received the People’s Choice Award for “Best Burger in Town” not once, not twice, but eight times!

“Everything is hand-pattied; so, it’s always fresh, never frozen,” says Dewitt Bryant, kitchen manager.

Though they have a variety of burgers to choose from, the most popular ones are the classics: the Cheeseburger and the Bacon Cheeseburger. While your burgers cook, you can relax with your traveling companions by playing a game of pool, air hockey, or darts.

Freddie’s Tavern: 705 S Adams St, Mt Pleasant, MI

Max & Emily’s

This local staple is great for people who want a lighter sandwich or something that they can take to-go. Located right in downtown Mt. Pleasant, their menu offers a variety of lunch and breakfast options; however, owner Chris “Elmo” Walton, says their specialty is sandwiches.

“I think we try to cultivate a unique sandwich – something more than meat, cheese, lettuce, and tomato on break,” he says. “We’re making an experience for your taste buds.”

Walton says the most popular sandwich is The Fiery Turkinator, made of smoked turkey, Applewood smoked bacon, smoked Gouda cheese, spicy basil mayo, lettuce, and tomato, grilled on ciabatta flat bread.

Max & Emily’s: 125 E Broadway St, Mt Pleasant, MI

Stop 4: Dinner

The Brass Café & Saloon

As you stroll the sidewalk downtown, the music coming from The Brass Café & Saloon will call you in; and, once you’re inside, you’ll be greeted with big-city vibes.

The glimmering chandelier and leopard-print mixed with deep red leather scatted throughout the décor sets this restaurant – which was remodeled about two years ago, according to manager Jarin Hilliard – apart from others.

The restaurant features a seasonal menu with food that is sourced locally as much as possible; and, Hilliard says the walleye is a popular dinner choice.

Brass Café & Saloon: 128 S Main St, Mt Pleasant, MI

The Cabin

The writing is on the wall – literally: The Cabin is the place to be if you love pizza!

With their own signature pizza sauce and garlic-butter for the crust, their flavor is one-of-a-kind. While you’re there, check out some of the fun messages that past patrons have left on the wall and find a spot to leave your own message.

“It’s just one of those things – everyone wants to leave their signature,” says William Jenerou, general manager. “But it adds into the ‘all are welcome’ vibe. Once people find their place, that’s their spot. You feel part of the atmosphere. You feel at home – like this is your own cabin.”

The Cabin: 930 W Broomfield St, Mt Pleasant, MI

Stop 5: Dessert

Cool Dip Ice Cream

You’ll feel like you’ve taken a step back in time when you walk in to this ice cream shop with black and white checkered tile flooring and red accent décor. The seasonal business is located right across the street from Coldwater Lake Family Park; so, if you’re looking for another day-trip, go enjoy a day at the beach then stop in to Cool Dip Ice Cream on your way back home. Of course, they have a variety of ice cream to choose from; however, they also offer items such as hot dogs, nachos, and pretzels.

Cool Dip Ice Cream offers an assortment of ice cream flavors and ice cream treats; so, you may have a hard time deciding what to get. Just know that, as one may expect from a good small-town ice cream shop, the portions tend to be larger than usual!

Cool Dip Ice Cream: 1700 N Littlefield Rd, Weidman, MI

Stop 6: Drinks

The Bird Bar & Grille

This is the place to go if you want, quite simply, a great bar – the kind where you can kick back with your friends, play some pool, and enjoy a good beer.

The Bird Bar & Grille is a local favorite for their large rotation of craft beer; but, if beer’s not your style, you can order a drink from their full bar.

The Bird Bar & Grille: 223 S Main St, Mt Pleasant, MI

Midori Sushi & Martini Lounge

This is the place to go if you want cocktails that you won’t find elsewhere.

“We try to stay away from the normal drinks that every other bar has,” says Marcus Vasquez, bartender at Midori Sushi & Martini Lounge. “We’re more known for our signature cocktails.”

If you like fruity drinks and want to try something new, try the Spicy Bourbon Smash. This bright fuchsia cocktail comes garnished with a raspberry and jalapeno slice for the perfect combination of spicy and sweet! They also carry sake, which is Japanese rice wine, and Japanese whiskey – both of which are difficult to find in other local bars and restaurants.

If you’re in need of something to eat while enjoying your cocktail, you can order sushi or try something else off of their full menu, which features a variety of foods with an Asian flare.

Midori Sushi & Martini Lounge: 105 E Broadway St, Mt Pleasant, MI