Small town, BIG portions

Let’s see if you have what it takes to call yourself one of Central Michigan’s hungriest humans.

As your taste buds jump for joy, your stomach will cry for mercy! Central Michigan’s variety of food challenges are as delicious as they are daunting, and sure to test even the most voracious of eaters. You’ll come hungry, and may need to be rolled out when you’re done. While delicious, these colossal meals are not for the faint of heart (or weak stomach). What follows is a guide to the toughest, most delicious food challenges in Central Michigan. Caution! This blog may cause extreme hunger.

The PIXIE: Wall of Fame Challenge
Price: $15 | Weight: 2.5 lb. | Time Limit: One Hour

Complete the bitty burger or coney dog challenge at PIXIE Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant, MI: Eat 10 bitty burgers or six coney dogs, or a combination of the two in less than an hour. Complete the challenge to earn your spot on the Wall of Fame.

Cheer’s Neighborhood Grill: Cheer’s Big Kahuna Burger ChallengePrice: $25 | Weight: 4.5 lb. | Time Limit: 30 minutes

Consume nearly 5 lb. of meat for bragging rights at Cheer’s Neighborhood Grill in Mt. Pleasant, MI: This meal includes a stacker with nearly 3 lb. of beef, topped with 1/2 lb. bacon, 1/2 lb. cheese, two fried eggs, sauteed onions, shredded lettuce, & tomatoes; served on a super size bun, placed over a pound of fries. You’re looking at roughly 4.5 lb. of food. Eat this platter within 30 minutes and it’s on the house! Good luck!

Dog Central: The DC Challenge
Price: $25 | Weight: A LOT | Time Limit: 25 minutes

Featured on Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food, the DC Challenge at Dog Central in Mt. Pleasant, MI is no joke: Eat the following within 25 minutes or less to receive the meal at NO COST and DC owes you $10! Fail, and you pay the $25 tab… Three footlong dogs with chili and your choice of two additional toppings, bed of fries, stack of onion rings and a 20 oz. fountain drink.

More challenges at Dog Central include:
Most Hot Dogs Eat’N in two hours
Most Hot Dogs Eat’N in 30 minutes
The Ghost Chili Challenge: Eat three dogs with famously hot ghost pepper chili
Get your name on the WALL OF FAME: Eat eight dogs with chili and one topping

The Barn Door: Wings & Sorry B**tard Challenge

Price: $7.99 & 24.99 | Weight: A LOT | Time Limit: 20 minutes

The Sorry B**tard Challenge at The Barn Door in Mt. Pleasant, MI: Built from the bottom, this challenge includes mayo, lettuce, tomato, 1/3 lb. burger, bacon, onion ring, two slices of American cheese, bun. Repeat that two more times and you’ve got your challenge. Served with 1 lb. of fries and two shots of Cathy’s Hot Sauce. Condiments are the ONLY thing that can be substituted. Free if you finish this challenge in 20 minutes!

The Wings Challenge at The Barn Door in Mt. Pleasant, MI: The Wings Challenge includes one pound of traditional wings or half pound of boneless wings. Choice of sauce to be spun or on the side. Also includes on ranch or bleu cheese for dipping. Add fries, frips or coleslaw for $1.50 more. Add onion rings for $2.00 more. Flavor chart: Naked, Frank’s Red Hot, Cattleman’s Golden Honey BBQ, Stingin’ Honey Garlic, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ, Cherry Bomb (made with Michigan cherries and local honey, a little sweet and a little sassy), and Cathy’s Hot Sauce (homemade concoction of peppers and spices that give a good burn but is packed full of flavor).

Pizza King Mt. Pleasant: The Party of One Challenge
A full, party pizza, nearly three feet in length from Pizza King in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.
Price: $21.50 | Weight: A LOT | Time Limit: One Hour

The Party of One Challenge at Pizza King Mt. Pleasant: You asked for it – the King answers! Pizza King in Mt. Pleasant has brought back the Party of One Challenge; eat a full, Party Pizza in one hour or less and you will win a free t-shirt and a $100 gift card to Pizza King. If you cannot finish the challenge, you owe the cost of a Party Pizza; this will set you back $21.50.

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