Ever wonder about those crazy people who actually like to visit Michigan in the winter? Those lunatics who enjoy living here even when it’s freezing and the snow is piled up higher than most cars? What are they thinking? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but we are those people! Michigan is a beautiful and amazing place to visit in the winter months, but don’t just take our word for it, we’re going to let our visitors and residents explain why Michigan winters can’t be beat.

Below our Facebook followers tell us why they love winter!


“A whole new set of available cross training opportunities that arrives with winter. Snow shoe running, skiing, ice skating outside and even climbing hills while sledding all disguise fitness as #PureMichigan fun.” -Dayna J.

Cross Country Skiing

“I love winter time in #PureMichigan because of how beautiful the scenery becomes covered in a blanket of white shimmery flakes! Our whole landscaping changes kissed with snow and it’s beautiful against the night sky lighted by the full moon. Many memories return watching my son and other children build snowman and participate in snowball fights. Making snow angels and going ice fishing. I Love #PureMichigan because you can open up a snowmobile on a frozen lake, feeling your heart beat just a thumping. Its really a great state to live if you can tackle the elements!” -Kay L.


“Where to begin? No mosquitos, no lawn to mow, pouring over seed catalogs in anticipation of Spring planting, Man vs the Mountain in February, snowshoeing, cross country skiing at Deerfield Park and other trails, down hill skiing up North, snow laden evergreens sparkling in the sunlight, night ski parties during full moons, the peaceful quiet in the woods after a heavy snowfall, hot cocoa, brilliant red Cardinals against a pure white backdrop, bunny tracks around the bird feeders, curling up in front of a cozy fire with a fuzzy blanket and a good book, not having to shave your legs every day, “snow days”, sledding on Suicide Hill with your grandkids (who only get to see snow when they come back to Michigan for Christmas,) the ice fantasy wonderland a day after a brutal ice storm…stop me if I’m boring you!” -Kathleen M.


“Skiing, sledding, building snowmen, snow covered trees….what’s not to love…we ran our first 5k mud run last summer. Now (Man vs. Mountain) a snow run, how exciting.” -Cindy B.


“I love looking deep into the forests in the winter…the trees loose their leaves and it completely changes the landscape. Only a few birds remain, and they are easy to spot and busy! The brightest of sunshine and the best starscapes on cold Michigan nights!!” -Lisa M.

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…Oh, and we can’t forget this one: “I love winter time because it covers all the poop in my back yard. Waaaaaay easier than picking it all up.” -Chad H.

Valid point Chad, valid point.

If this hasn’t convinced you to give a Michigan winter a try, find out more about winter fun in Mt. Pleasant by clicking our Events or Things to Do tabs at the top of this page! Don’t forget to extend your visit by clicking on Places to Stay.